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If you’re a runner in London you’ll have no doubt heard of The Fix Events team at some point. They’ve been around for quite a while putting on a range of events mainly focussed around South London. We’ve done a fair few of them at some point over the last few years and without fail they’ve always been well-organised and enjoyable. The team is also probably the friendliest you’re likely to find, you’ll see them pottering about in their high-viz tabards, smiling and chatting to all the runners. It often looks like they’ve just invited a few sporty mates over to hang out in the park, well, a few hundred of them.

But don’t let the niceties fool you, these races aren’t just a bit of fun and the name of their Greenwich event is in no way meant to be ironic, trust us. If you’ve never been to Greenwich Park and are planning to go for a run there then there’s one thing you need to know, it’s hilly. Like, really hilly. We’ve ran trail races in the Peak District, we’ve trained on the cliffs of Cornwall, we’re no stranger to hills and these are definitely hills.



The route takes a 5k winding loop around Greenwich Park of which you can choose the 5k, 10k or 15k race distance options. Starting at pretty much the highest altitude, the route sees you make your way down to the lowest point and back up again, via two hills (we may have mentioned these). Even on the first lap they’re a fairly arduous obstacle but when we saw them the third time it was just not funny anymore.

When we signed up to take part we thought it would be a low-key affair, but with around 500 entrants across the three distances it was clear the race was a pretty popular one. Popular, but not so busy that people were rubbing shoulders to overtake each other.

As a course the race is held in one of the nicest park locations you’ll find in London. With its rolling hills (visually they’re nice), trees, architecture and views across London, it’s a ridiculously beautiful place to spend you’re Saturday morning, even if you’re calves and quads are screaming in pain.



Because it’s lapped, running the 10k or 15k distances means that your time is broken down into 5k chunks, which is perfect if you’re attempting any sort of speed work or pace training. Normally we don’t like lapped courses but you can’t really complain when it’s somewhere like that looks like this.

A great, well organised race for any level of runner, whether you’ve never done one before or you’re training for a marathon (like us). The hills are challenging enough to trouble seasoned runners and will give those just beginning a nice chance to push themselves. It’ll also means that taking on a flat course will seem like a literal walk in the park. It is tough though so be warned – but if you wanted something easier you should probably pay more attention to the name.

To find out about future events from The Fix Events step this way.

Picture Credits: Tom Wheatley 

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