adidas go launches

We tried doing a training run without listening to music once. It was horrible. The sound of our panting breath, angry car horns blaring as they drove past and some bloke shouting for no apparent reason, at a bin. We’re not planning on doing it again.

It’s why we take our music so seriously. Sometimes we’ll sit for hours putting together a perfect running playlist. Carefully choosing the tracks with just the right tempo and breakdowns to compliment what we’re doing. A bit of Phonat for speed training, a spot of Jacques Green for the long runs, pinch of Michael Bolton for the cool down. It’s a lot of work.

adidas go launches

However things are about to change with the launch of a new app from adidas and Spotify. Called adidas Go, the app uses an iPhone’s accelerometer to match a runner’s favourite music to their workout. Using the stride rate, it automatically identifies tracks with matching beats per minute.

So no more unwelcome appearances from Enya as you try to sprint the final meters of your 10k, or Pan Pipe Moods as you’re overtaking people down Embankment.

It also allows runners to stream new tracks that Spotify thinks you might like, with a chance to review not only distance, pace, time and adidas miCoach Runscore, but also all the new tracks you might have heard during the training session. You can then share it on Twitter and Facebook.

The app is available on iOS via the app store here. When opening the app for the first time you’ll get a 7-day Spotify premium trial (which you’ll need to store a local version of your music).

For more information or to download adidas go please visit

adidas go launches

Picture Credits: adidas

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