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We’ve known about Like The Wind since the first issue was launched in February 2014. We loved it then and we’ve only gone on to become bigger fans over the last year. It’s an independent magazine that stands out for the simple reason that the team behind it love running and just want to talk about it. It’s pretty much the perfect runner’s running magazine.

In just five issues Like The Wind have had contributing pieces from Scott Jurek, Dean Karnazes, Dick Beardsley and Mimi Anderson. They’ve featured artwork and photography from some of the finest creatives around (Coreen Steinbach, Roy Belchamber) and they remained true to the ideal that “It’s not How to Run, it’s Why We Run” by including work from real people with their running stories. If that’s not enough have a look at some of the cover artwork:


Issue five includes a piece of running fiction about spirituality, running and second chances for mankind, an excerpt from the first graphic novel retelling the story of Steve Prefontaine’s life, a look back at the athletics career of Seb Coe with words from the man himself and a host of other things you can read about when you inevitably buy it.

But, instead of reading about us waxing lyrical all day, why not listen to Simon and Julie, the small team behind Like The Wind, talk about it in a handy video they made? They know more about it than we do.

You can buy issue six of Like The Wind online here, along with copies of all previous issues (apart from issue one, that’s sold out, sorry, it’s a print publication, they’re limited). Issue 7 is on the way… sign up to the newsletter on the Like The Wind Website for updates..

Picture credits: Mark Frudd, Fergus McHugh

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