Summer Training Survival Kit

As you may have noticed, it’s pretty hot at the moment. Nice for a Friday trip to the pub, but not if you’re planning on doing some marathon training. We went for a 10k earlier – it was horrible. We had to keep hiding under trees.

But never fear, we’ve pulled together a list of items designed to help runners deal with the summer heat. Just hope the sun lasts long enough to get some use out of them. We’ll probably be doing a top five rain coats this time next week.

Mission EnduraCool Towel

It’s the kind of towel you’d see at Hogwarts. Made from a special fabric that instantly cools when soaked in water, wrung out, and then snapped in the air. It’s something to do with a unique radiator-like fibre construction which regulate the rate of evaporation. But yeah, it’s probably just magic.

£15, click to buy

Adidas Climachill


We ran the London Marathon in one of these T-shirts and it worked a treat. Not only is the fabric made by a flat yarn which helps to maximise the cooling surface area against your skin and a highly breathable ‘polar fibre’ mesh which releases more heat and moisture, it also has some weird aluminium spheres positioned on the back of the neck which give you a constant cold tingling sensation.

£30, click to buy

Mission Performance Hat


Another magical item, this time a hat that you just have to wave in the air when it gets wet and suddenly it becomes nice and cool. Which is nice.

£25, click to buy

Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes

B34374 cc cosmic boost w



A rather snazzy (Mum, 2015) pair of running shoes that combine boost and climachill technology, two of our favourite things. If you’re a runner and you’ve never tried boosts then its high time you gave them a go.

£110, click to buy

Lucozade Sport

Body Fuel rangeWith all that running you’re going to need to stay hydrated. You’ll also need some energy as well. Lucozade Sport has been around for a fair few years now, mainly because it’s actually pretty good as sports drinks go. Sodium, fluid and carbohydrate all in a one. They also have some new flavours which you probably didn’t know about.

£11.99 for a case of 12, click to buy

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