Dolph Lundgren – Maximum Potential

When you think of 80s workout videos you probably conjure an image of men in spandex bouncing up and down looking unnecessarily happy. You probably remember them being something your mum did in front of the TV in-between breakfast television and Give Us A Clue. You probably remember them being pretty crap.

And yeah, mainly they were. They were basically a big marketing scam designed to make people feel a sense of accomplishment because they’d purchased a VHS cassette that contained fitness. It didn’t matter that they probably played it once, before retiring it to the back of the video cabinet, along with some sort of football “gaff” Christmas present and eight copies of Dirty Dancing (maybe that was just us).

But there were some 80s workout video that were good. So good that they’ve defied the passing of time to become legend amongst the fitness world. Well, not legend, but people at least remember them fondly.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Maximum Potential. An 80s workout video like no other. A workout video which, unlikely those prancing weirdos skipping to a Casio keyboard demo track, actually contains real training advice. Exercises that are hard. Exercises that actually, you know, get results.

Lunges, hypers, wide grip push-ups, shadow boxing, squats. Hell, there’s even diamond push-ups. And that’s not all, there’s a water break intermission, complete with training advice from the ancient Greeks, there’s a weird stretching section with a porno soundtrack, there’s music from Aretha Franklin. There’s sprint training down a beach front. DOWN A BEACH FRONT!

It’s utterly mental. But amazing. And the best bit? Dolph Lundgren. Casually baritoning his way through every exercise as you make your way to fitness success.

Quit your waste of time PT and get yourself a VHS player. Or click on this video.

Published by Tom Wheatley

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