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The world of running is a damn nice place to be these days. Races are popping up all over the place tailored towards the differing needs of the running ecosystem. Ultra marathons, Park runs, fun runs, obstacle races, new marathons, trail runs. The sheer number of options is ridiculous. Fancy doing a race next weekend? Chances are there’s probably a fair few to choose from.

And why are there so many races? Well, because there’s a hell of a lot of runners out there. Runners of all different types that want more from an event than just a course, a timing chip and a finishers medal. Now people want to enjoy themselves when they go to a race. They want to have fun meet people and get home thinking they’ve done more than just ran for a few miles.

Now, we do love a serious, PB-focussed race, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes it’s nice to do an event where there’s an onus on fun and enjoyment. That’s where Run to the Beat comes in. A 10km course which sees runners make their way past a series of DJs playing live sets. It’s a bit like being at an outdoor festival, only you’re sweating a lot more, and you’re not drunk.

As far as music goes we were pretty pleased with the DJ sets, courtesy of people like Danny Howard, Marvin Humes, Jameela Jamil. Fine, in an ideal world we’d have Julio Bashmore, Todd Terje and Jacques Greene, but yeah, there’s probably an appropriate time for that. For an event at 10am on a Sunday surrounded by families, they were probably a pretty good choice. Everyone else seemed pretty happy with it anyway.

Planning for the event was impressive, with the general organisation and whatnot dealt with perfectly. Which is no easy task at an event with thousands of participants. We’ve been to a few of this size where we spent the first hour in a baggage queue, then another half an hour waiting for the toilet. Which is pretty much the kind of thing which keeps us awake at night before a run.

Yeah, the course could have been more exciting. The sight of Wembley stadium looming in front of you reminds you just how nice it would be to finish inside like other events have done in the past. But it’s not the end of the world, and to be honest finishing inside a stadium is often an anticlimax, not to mention a logistical nightmare to get out of. At least it meant we could head off for breakfast a bit sooner.

And our favourite bit, the medal. As you’re probably well aware, we love a medal. Especially one in the shape of a head with headphones on.

Another nice bit of bling for my buddy ? #irun4Stella #TeamZiemba #runtothebeat #10k #london #england

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So if you’re looking for more than just your average 10km then Run to the Beat is well worth a look. Head on over to the website to find out more.

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