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We run a fair few races at The Allrounder. Hell, we’d do even more if they weren’t all on Sundays. That’s why we were so excited to find a one that takes place on a Tuesday night. And not only is it on a week night, it’s a pretty damn nice route as well.

Us runners in London are a lucky bunch. Not only do we have our pick of some of the country’s most picturesque urban parks, we also have the Thames. Well, not so much the Thames itself, but the paths that run alongside it. Aside from saving us from the need to wind in and out of roads, a run down the river offers some of the most scenic views you’ll find across the city. So what better place to have a dusk 10k?

Starting at City Hall near Tower Bridge, the 10k route takes runners past a number of London’s favourite tourist spots. The Tower of London, the Tate Modern, The Globe Theatre, not to mention the fact you get to run across three bridges.

Okay, it isn’t a closed road event, which means you have to be a bit more careful than in most other races. So maybe not one for those hoping to break the sub-40 mark. The paths are still full of tourists, many of them looking slightly wary at the sight of 2,500 runners heading towers them at speed. But most of them stood happily at the side of the road taking pictures and cheering us as we darted past.


Organisation and marshalling for the event was excellent, save for a slight issue with limited toilet facilities. The race village was an excited  hive of activity as people pottered about in their blue T-shirts getting ready for the run. A live band even played at the start line as people set off, accompanied by the cheering crowd positioned either side.

It’s a really nice event, one which seems more laid back than a lot of Sunday races. The evening format lends itself to friends and company staff taking part in groups, the location making it easily accessible for most people. There are also 5k and 10k routes catering for different levels of runner.

Run The River is set up by Teach First, a charity aiming to end inequality in education by training and support committed individuals.

For more information and bout the event and the charity, head over to the website here.

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