Marky Mark – Form. Focus. Fitness.

Okay, so Dolph Lundgren’s Maximum Potential is a pretty immense workout video. So good in fact that we didn’t think we’d ever beat it. That was until we stumbled upon Marky Mark’s Form. Focus. Fitness.

Long before Mark Wahlberg became a proper actor, starring in films that your parents probably quite like, he was known by the name Marky Mark. Along with his group, The Funky Bunch, he made music loosely associated with the hip hop genre. He was also a bit of a teenage pin-up, often seen wearing nothing but pants. He used to go the gym quite a bit.

His workout video, Form. Focus. perhaps the most wonderfully satisfying you’re ever likely to see. Essentially a young Mark Wahlberg sleezes his way through a series of models in hotpants, whilst uttering a stream of tenuous fitness based entendres. It’s basically two steps away from being a soft porn film centred around a gym. They could easily have used it for extra scenes in Boogie Nights.

Key highlights from Mark include:

“Finally got to the fun part. You can see I’m hanging by the pool with some fly honeyz”

“Let’s get a little closer”

“Me and my assistants are going to mack in the jacuzzi for a minute”

And his personal catchphrase: “POW!”

You can see the full video on Youtube here.

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