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Hell of a lot of 10ks in and around London these days. We should know, we spend most of our time either taking part in them or looking for ones we haven’t done before. It’s a great Sunday morning distance. Get’s you up out of bed when you would have probably spent the whole morning there, they’re just far enough to be a tough challenge but not too long that it eats in to your weekend and a lot of them are fairly reasonably priced as well.

The guys over at The Race Organiser are good at them. Very good in fact. With an increasing number of events popping up across London and the surrounding area – presumably because people other than us also think they’re great races.


You may already have taken part in the brilliant QEOP series of races. A nice little three lap route around the Olympic Park that takes place the first Saturday of each month.We’ve been doing it for a while now; it’s a well planned route, minimal pedestrians, quick and easy registration and bag drop, and, if you’re that way inclined, you can even swing by Westfield afterwards to do your shopping.

But they do much more than the QEOP series (we won’t go through them all, just have a look at the website), so we decided to nip over to Greenwich 10k to see how it matched up to the other events.


If you’ve never raced in Greenwich before, it’s tough. It may look all nice and scenic if you’re having a slow amble through the trees up to the conservatory, but when you’re running a three lap 10k around it, the impressive view becomes significantly less enjoyable. If you have run through it, you’ll know what we mean.

But we like tough races at The Allrounder, most of the time, and Greenwich is a pretty hefty challenge when compared to a lot of other race locations in London.

Weather-wise we couldn’t have asked for more in November. Yes it was grey, yes the grass was a bit wet and yes, it was slightly chilly. But we’ve run races in November in the pouring rain and the freezing cold. This was perfect.


The course was a 3k loop that headed from near the observatory, across the higher points of the park, down to the lower sections near the main gate and back up again. A damn nice route until you hit the big hill at the end a second time around. Because trust us, that hill is a killer. A 400ish metre climb that seems the stretch into the distance for a lot further. By lap three we were looking a bit worse for wear. Which is also conveniently where the photographer was stood – looking forward to those pictures coming through.

Not our finest hour (never is these days), but it is a really taxing course. You could probably shave off a couple of minutes on an equivalent flat course.

As far as race organisation goes it was faultless. The enthusiasm of the marshals, the baggage drops and the registration were what we’ve come to expect from The Race Organiser crew. Ruddy nice bunch as well. The goody bags also contained some nice treats including a jar of Planet Organic Sprouted Chia Almond butter – yeah, we have no idea what it is either, but it saved us having to buy lunch.

For information on future events from The Race Organiser, head over to the website here. There’s a fair few to choose from.

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