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Up until a week ago we had absolutely no idea what the Lagree method was. Never heard of a Megarformer either – although we did hold a childish hope that it was some sort of giant armoured robot (it isn’t. Sorry. We’re hoping that’s a fitness craze for 2016).

Now we know that the Lagree method is a form of training combining core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility. It uses a rather complex-looking piece of kit known as a Megaformer to provide a no impact program with exercises performed at a slow and controlled pace. It’s a bit like a Pilates machine that’s been pimped up by Xzibit into some sort of sort of space vessel. They look pretty cool in fact. If not a bit scary.


If you’ve never been on one before they can be a bit daunting initially, largely because they look like you may need a license to operate them. After a few minutes in a class we realised they were actually pretty straightforward though. The class instructors are well versed in explaining the multitude of exercises that can be performed on them. Thanks goodness.

If there’s anything we learned about the Lagree method it’s that it’s one hell of a workout. The combination of strength work with stretching is something we’ve never really tried before. Definitely not at the kind of level used here. Not only are you pushing your muscles against varying resistance levels, you also have to balance at the same time – something we’re pretty bad at (note to self: do more core).


By the end of the 50 minute session we were a shaking mess. The combination of reps, isometric holds, balance and general cardio meant we were working muscles we rarely do during a normal gym session. It was like a full-on body assault where nothing was given an easy ride (note to self: do more abductor work).

Apparently by carrying out the movements at a slow and controlled pace, slow twitch muscle fibres are activated which helps to build a long lean physique, something the training method has become famous for. And who doesn’t want a long, lean physique?

There are currently two studio Lagree locations in the UK; one in Guildford and one near Moorgate. The classes aren’t cheap though with a stand-alone pass costing £30 for one session. It gets cheaper if you buy in bulk though. An introductory class costs £15, which is probably worth doing just to see what it’s like.

To find out more about Studio Lagree and the training method used, head over to the website here.

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