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We’ve done our fair share of obstacle course races over at The Allrounder. Some were fun, others, if we’re being honest, were pretty damn horrible. You know, the kind of races that make you think I’m never doing anything like that ever again even if you pay me loads of money. We’re suckers for challenges though, and when someone thrusts a race entitled “Toughest” into our inbox, it kind of stirs up the old competitive streak in us. The problem is, it does actually look pretty tough. Scarily tough in fact.

An 8km course with 40 different obstacles doesn’t sound particularly worrying, especially if you’re already a seasoned OCR veteran, that is until you have a click through the website and see some of the previous challenges (ever clambered up a dry ski slope or launched yourself across some overly wide monkey bars? No, nor have we).

With events already taking place around various cities in northern Europe, it was only a matter of time before the Toughest team decided to launch over in the UK. The first event takes place at Pippingford Park on April 23rd with tickets costing between £65 and £95, depending on how soon you book. Click here to find out more.

Oh, and here’s a video. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Picture Credits: Mateusz Szulakowski –

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