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We’ll level with you, we’ve never been big on the old yoga. Sure, we know it’s ridiculously good for you; we know it’s an amazing way to keep fit; hell, we know it will probably make us better runners. The only problem is that we’ve never really enjoyed doing it. And it’s not for want of trying. We’ve been to a fair few yoga classes over the years. We’ve just never stuck at it.

New year is a time to try new things though, so when we were invited to test out new yoga brand, Hotpod, we ignored our usual reservations, picked up a towel, and wandered over.

Now, we should point out that we’d never actually tried any form of hot yoga before. Based on the fact we sweat enough during your garden variety yoga, the thought of doing it in a heated room filled us with no small amount of dread. However, what we didn’t realise is that the increased heat is actually meant to help you carry out the various poses, with the warming of the muscles aiding flexibility and movement. So we might actually find it a bit easier than normal. The sweating was probably going to be an issue still though.


Hotpod use, as you may have guessed from the name, a big inflatable pod – it looks a bit like some sort of igloo Buck Rogers might live in. Not only does it act as a heat retainer, allowing the fans to pump air around the space, but it also adds a nice sense of ambience to the class. The warm glow twinned a sweet-smelling incense aroma floating though the room, manages to make a pretty damn relaxing environment. If you had one of these at Glastonbury you’d never leave.

So what about the actual yoga? Well, Hotpod use a style that has its roots in vinyasa flow. We’re not going to pretend we know what that is, however the instructors have developed it into a more focussed and accessible version, which means it can be done by people of all levels. Pretty good for us.

Yes, we found it hard, we don’t stretch anywhere near as much as we should, it’s inevitable we’re going to struggle. However we did notice a difference in performing the poses in the 37 degree heat. By the end of the session muscles felt loser than we remembered. Fine, we were a long way off a perfect warrior stance, but it did feel easier. Add to that the nice pod atmosphere and it’s something we could get used to. We did sweat a lot though.

The team at Hoptod yoga have also just launched their campaign “Set For 16”, a series of pop-ups (did we mention the pods were mobile and blow up in 15 minutes?) around London. Working alongside people like Madeleine Shaw, The Ski Week, Mind Body Bowl, Michael James Wong of Boys of Yoga, Hip and Healthy and Pukka Tea, the team aim to prove how easy it is to bring the same yoga experience pretty much anywhere.

Classes at their locations around the UK costs £12 for an individual class, with monthly memberships £72 and a 10 class pass £96. But there are a loads of other pricing options to choose from. Click here to read more about it all.

Picture Credits: Hotpod Yoga

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