Victoria Park 10k

The chaps over at The Race Organiser have a fair few events in their calendar these days. Up until now we’d only ever taken part in their extremely popular QEOP and Regent’s Park race series, both of which we’re pretty big fans of. They’re the kind of races you go back to time and time again; affordable, reliable, well planned and managed by an exceptionally friendly bunch of people.

This year we’ve decided to try ou9t some more of their armoury, the first being their Victoria Park 10k. We don’t tend to run over in East London a great deal, largely because it’s a major hassle to get to from South London. So apart from the occasional festival or a spot of summertime drinking, we haven’t really spent a lot of time over at Victoria Park.


We’d assumed that the race would be a fairly low-key affair, maybe a couple of hundred runners. What with it only being three weeks into the year and people still acclimatising to the nine to five. As we turned up we realised how wrong we were. Queues snaked across the grass as people waited in line to pick up their bib numbers or register to race. Even the events team seemed surprised at how many people turned up, having to push the start time back by fifteen minutes to allow for mass of people to finish all of their pre-race admin.

Considering we should technically be in the dead of winter, the weather was actually pretty warm. Sure, there was the odd spot of rain and the grass was largely covered in wet mud, but it could have been a lot worse. We didn’t even need a coat on as we stood waiting for the race to start.


If you’re looking for a nice flat accessible course then you’d be hard pressed to find one quite as good. The three kilometre route saw us taking the outer paths around the park for three laps. Sure, there are more scenic parks to run around in London, but they normally come with some pretty big hills. Something we’re not very fond of at the moment. We were quite relieved to find that Victoria Park has none. Which means it’s perfect for beginners as well as people hoping to get a fast time (not us at the moment).

It’s cheap as well, as running events go. There aren’t many Central London 10ks that you can enter for £18 (£16 if you’re affiliated to a club). Not bad considering you get a bag of snacks and a nice medal with a picture of the park on.


The quick review:

Hills: 1/5
Terrain: road
Route: 3 park laps
Supporters: A few people
Organisation: 8/10
Goody Bag: A biscuit bar, Haribos, Orange Juice, water
Medal: 6/10
How many runners: Over 900

The Race Organiser have loads more events coming up over the next year, including the brilliant QEOP series over in Stratford. Head over to the website to get booked on to a few.

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