50 Races To Run Before You Die

If there are two things we love over at The Allrounder it’s books and races (a third is paella, if you’re asking), so when we were sent a copy if 50 Races To Run Before You Die we were pretty damn excited. Not least because we’re already massive fans of Tobias Mews and his various adventures around the globe.

When it comes to races, Tobias knows his stuff. He’s spent most of his life taking part in some of the most demanding endurance events around the world. Seriously, he’s done a ridiculous amount of the things. And he’s not just an athlete, he also sticks motivational speaker, consultant, copywriter, blogger, video journalist, filmmaker, TV presenter and producer on his CV. And that’s before he even became an author with the release of his new book.

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So if there’s anyone out there we trust with such a bold book tile, it’s Tobias. A gonzo journalist of the endurance world who writes with the same unrelenting friendliness that he speaks with people in person (we know him – ruddy nice guy).

50 Races To Run Before You Die is a large chunk of Tobias’s brain slapped onto paper. It’s a detailed overview of some of the most interesting races you’re ever likely to find across any continent. The 50 chosen races are split into three section: Good For Beginners, Sucker For Punishment and Hard as Nails. The latter said without an ounce of irony.

When we picked up our copy the first thing we did was scan through each of the races to check off how many we’d done. We looked through the first section and found a few, the second only two, and the third, absolutely nothing. It was a humbling experience, but one that made us want to read further. For us the book has become more of a to do list than a reminder of things we’ve done.

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Each race is covered in perfect detail with Tobias taking the reader through his experience of the event. He talks about the distance, the difficulty, the ground and often things you wouldn’t have expected (we won’t tell you here, it would ruin the surprise). There’s information on course records as well as preparation guidelines you’d only know if you’d actually taken part before.

Each of the races, ranging from London parks, to multi-stage marathon events across the desert are presented with a series of beautiful photographs, many of Tobias smiling to the camera like he’s done little more than jog to the newsagent. If we hadn’t seen him run before we’d claim they were staged.

So, whether you’re a seasoned endurance athlete or just getting a feel for your first 5k, 50 Races To Run Before You Die is a great source of inspiration. We’ve already signed up to three of the events over the next year. We may leave the jungle ultra marathon until next year though, we’re quite busy at work to be honest.

You can find out more about Tobias at his website here. The book itself is very reasonably priced over on Amazon.

Picture Credits: Tobias Mews

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