Finisterre Anatis Jeans

Finisterre, as you may know, make clothing designed for the cold water surfers of this world. Hard-wearing, warm and, in this case, waterproof items built to survive the elements you’re likely to find when launching yourself off into the coastal waters. Unfortunately, for those of us that are British, you’re probably likely to be subjected to those elements whether you’re a surfer in Cornwall or a graphic designer living in Manchester. So really Finisterre are making clothes for pretty much all of the general public.


Their latest product is a prime example. Designed in collaboration with British denim specialists, Cookson and Clegg, the Anatis jeans have a water-repellent finish (fluorocarbon-free and biodegradable, if you were wondering) which mimics the way a duck comes out of the water with dry feathers. So next time you end up walking to work in a downpour, you can happily sit down without having to stand next to a radiator for half an hour.


And as far as looks go, they’re also slim fit, which is rare for something so functional, and have minimal branding – which is always a tick in the box for us. They’re also machine washable as well, which is always a good thing.

Head on over to the website here to take a look. Their Spring lookbook is also up now as well, so you may as well take a gander at that while you’re there.

Picture Credits: Finisterre

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