London Easter 10k

It’s the third year in a row that we’ve headed over to Regent’s Park for the annual Nice Work Easter 10k. And although the main reason is because we generally end up feeling pretty guilty after eating an unnecessary amount of chocolate (and crisps, and pizza, and bacon, and Haribo) for three whole days, it’s actually a great little race in the calendar.

If you’ve ever taken part in a race at Regent’s Park then you’ve probably ran the three lap course before. It’s pretty much the same one you cover in the Nice Work Winter Series, if only a little bit warmer. Starting at the Hub, the route takes you on a three kilometre loop of the central paths, before you head back via the south of London Zoo – which is actually pretty cool as you can spend a good five minutes trying to look for animals before hitting your next lap (goats, llama and sheep for us).


As courses go it’s a fairly nice one, yeah, there’s a couple of hills and the laps can become a bit tedious, but in terms of scenery, you’ve got a fair bit to look at. Unfortunately, as is always the case with the bank holiday weekend, the weather was fairly gloomy. Luckily, and against what we were told by BBC Weather, it didn’t actually rain. So the only thing we really had to deal with was a bit of relentless wind as we came up the straight that headed back to the start line. It did however mean that the tail wind on some of the down hills meant we were barely even doing anything. There were also a fair few puddles dotted around the paths, which meant our fancy new trainers now need some TLC.


The Nice Work crew have been putting races on at Regent’s Park for quite a while now, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got the organisation down to a T. We always try to turn up early to races, what with all the general /toilet admin that’s required beforehand. However when it comes to the Regent’s Park 10k we pretty much just get there fifteen minutes before, we’ve still never started a race late. Don’t take that as gospel – we may have just been lucky, what we’re trying to say is the race crew have got a very nicely honed machine set up. The marshals and race staff were as helpful as always and, the thing we care about above all else, this year’s medal was an immense little treat. We even got a Cadbury’s Cream Egg with it (just one more won’t hurt).


The quick review:

Hills: 1/5
Terrain: Road
Route: Park paths, three laps
Supporters: Over a hundred
Organisation: 8/10
Goody Bag: Cadbury’s Creme Egg
Medal: 8/10
How many runners: Over 270

For more information about Nice Work and the various events they have coming up, nip over to the website here.

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