The BIG Charity 10k

As far as race ideas go, it’s a pretty simple one. You sign up to take part in a 10k and £5 goes to a charity of your choosing. No sponsorship emails going out, no chasing people up to get paid, no hefty minimum pledges leaving you worried you’ll have to pay it yourself because your friends are too tight to fork out a few quid.

We’re joking of course. Raising money for charity is an amazing thing to do. Us runners making millions of pounds every year for charities all over the place. We’re nice like that. Taking on distances we’ve never done before in the name of an important cause is one of the things that defines a large part of why people run. It’s awesome in fact. Keep doing it you wonderful, selfless people.


But it’s difficult to ask for money all of the time. Especially if you’re the kind of person that spends half the year collecting medals (… maybe three-quarters). That’s why this latest idea from The Race Organiser makes things a little bit more manageable. Sure, it makes the cost of taking part in the race a bit pricier, but at £25 including the donation, a t-shirt and medal, it’s still probably one of the best value 10k’s you’re likely to find in London. Trust us, we do a lot of research. All they need is a thousand people to do it and you’re looking at a rather handsome £5k that goes to charity.

So what about the actual race itself? Well, it’s the same course that takes place throughout the year as part of The Race Organiser’s Regent’s Park series of races, so it’ll probably be quite familiar to a lot of you (if you haven’t done one before and you’re a runner in London, what’s the deal?). A nice three lap route that takes you round the central area of the park and eventually leads you past the zoo. Relatively flat, pretty spacious and extremely enjoyable, even in the winter.


Now, in the past we haven’t really been a fan of lapped races. We’ve always preferred the mystery of a nice new course that keeps us guessing. But there’s a lot to be said for them, especially if you’re aiming for a PB. You start to remember where the hills are and plan your race accordingly, remembering the bits you like and don’t like. Hell, we may actually be becoming fans of them.

And, as you’d expect considering how many races they’ve probably set up in Regent’s park, the event was planned to a T. Marshals cheered excitedly as everyone ran past under the surprising heat of the May-time sun, the chap with the loudhailer shouted encouragement combined with his trademark quips, and the supporters clapped as they managed to enjoy watching a race without having to wear a waterproof. All in all a damn nice morning.

The quick review:

Hills: 1/5
Terrain: Road
Route: Park paths, three laps
Supporters: Over a hundred
Organisation: 8/10
Goody Bag: Biscuit, water, energy drink, technical t-shirt
Medal: 4/10

For more information about the last event (no news on a follow up just yet) click here. Alternatively, If you’re desperate for a run (as you should be), see what else The Race Organiser have coming up here.

Disclaimer: We got a free spot in the race to review it. We still gave money to charity though.

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