Iffley road Cambrian Stripe T-Shirt

When it comes to fitness kit at The Allrounder we tend to veer towards the more subtle items. Most of the time that means either black, navy or dark green. We’re not really into running tops that have some neon logo written in a graffiti font, or shorts that have a picture of a lion above each knee. Sure, call us boring, we like to think we’re conventional.

The main thing for us is using kit that actually works. You know, the kind of kit that you can take off after a half-marathon without wincing in pain as you realise parts of your body are covered by some sort of rash. Or the sort of kit that you can run in on a hot day without feeling like you’re wearing a polyester school blazer. If, like us, you’re the owner of a draw full of race finisher t-shirts you may have experienced this once or twice (although they can be damn good, some of our favourite running tops are from races).


If you haven’t already heard of Iffley Road, they’re a running brand with a focus on creating items that people would actually want to wear, whether they’re running or hanging out with mates for a drink. If you removed any reference of running from the website you’d probably just assume it was a high-end fashion brand. Not something you’d experience if you went on most fitness websites.

The owners, keen runners themselves, decided to set up the brand as an antidote to the traditional styles you tend to see in fitness wear. Instead of creating something that blurts out “look I’m doing exercise!” they’ve gone for a more subtle “yeah I love running, but I do other stuff as well.” Something we’re fully on board with. Especially considering we tend to spend a lot more money of fitness clothing than we do on actual normal clothes.

For the last few weeks we’ve been testing out one of the newest items in the Iffley Road collection. A pretty damn handsome t-shirt with the title “Cambrian Stripe Night Sky Track White“, which sounds rather nice.


So, did we actually like it?

Well, firstly, in terms of design it’s a really nice looking top. As mentioned before we’re not massively into clothes that draw attention, always opting for something a bit less showy, especially when it comes to our fitness gear. The Cambrian Stripe is a nice mixture of subtlety and design. The kind that makes people say “nice top” without drawing too much attention to it. We don’t really like attention.

Appearances aside, it works really nicely as a functional running t-shirt. We’re pretty picky when it comes to race kit so we were apprehensive when using it for a 10k, especially on a day when it was 24 degrees. Luckily it held up pretty damn well. The material seemed slightly thicker than the tops we normally end up using for events, however after a quarter of an hour it felt fine; light and soft. A short while after the race finished we headed in to Westfield to do some shopping (never again) and it didn’t take long for any remnants of sweat to disappear.

At £68 it’s a bit pricier than what we’d normally pay out for a running top. But as we mentioned earlier, it’s a bit more than that. Hell we’ve already worn it out to the pub twice and nobody even suggested we were wearing our gym kit. Which means that’s one less going out t-shirt we need for the summer.

For more info on the Cambrian Stripe Night Sky Track White T-shirt (there’s are a load of other colour options), or to see some of the other items Iffley Road have to offer, head over to the website here.

Disclaimer: Iffley Road supplied us with a T-shirt to test out.

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