Culinary Heights Recipe Competition

We’re not particularly that good at cooking over at The Allrounder. Sure, we can rustle up a mean spaghetti Bolognese when we need to but other than that we’re unlikely to get our own Saturday morning food show. It’s fine, we like Nando’s anyway.

If we were good at cooking though we’d definitely enter the latest competition from the team over at Primus. Every two weeks they’ll pick a winner from those that have submitted a recipe and award them with one of their Onja stoves (a portable two burner cooker that turns into a handy shoulder carrying device). Seriously, they’re pretty damn cool.

At the end of the competition they’ll combine 50 winning recipes into a real life published Culinary Heights cookbook. Which would be pretty cool.

To enter head over to the website here. You definitely don’t have to worry about us beating you.

The competition closes on August 22nd.


Published by Tom Wheatley

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