CRUK Tough 10 Series

Generally, if someone asks me to take part in a race, I pretty much always say yes. Most of the time before even checking what it actually is. Yeah. I’m possibly an idiot. However, when I was asked to run in a new races series from CRUK, where the three levels of difficulty are tough, tougher and toughest, I decided that I should probably check the details before putting my name down. Well, a glance at least.


The Tough 10 events are happening in ten locations across the UK, each one covering a distance of 10km, which kind of explains the name. They’re taking place from September to November, with a varied selection of difficulties – none of which cover an “easy” option. But you know me, I love a challenge. Even if it does mean I spend two hours almost crying with pain. It’s always a lot more enjoyable to finish a race after you’ve barely crossed the finish line anyway. Sweat pouring over you as you look back, victorious.

But the Tough 10 events aren’t just about taking on a painful run (although it looks like there will be a fair bit of that), the campaign aims to raise money and awareness for the work carried out by Cancer Research UK, a cause which knows only too well the need for determination in order to overcome a difficult challenge. If you or anyone close to you has suffered from cancer, you’ll be more than aware of that.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be heading to various locations around the UK to make my way up hills, through mud and wading through large, cold pools of water, probably moaning my way through every meter. But after it’s all over, when I’m stood there at the end holding my medal, I know I’ll forget any of the pain. At least until the next one.

Oh yeah, I’m also looking for a few people to join me at the Box Hill hill event on November 19th. FOR FREE. Yep, all I want you to do is email me and let me know why you want to do it. The best reasons (preferably around the amazing work the guys over at Cancer Research do) will join me as I desperately try and get up the various hills that make up one of the toughest of the Tough10 series.

Are you tough enough to tackle the terrain? Sign up now at, with spaces costing just £20. And remember, every hill you conquer, every rock you climb, and every penny you raise is helping people affected by cancer right now.

Picture Credits: Cancer Research UK

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