Centric: 3Tribes Tribathon

When three tribes go to war, which tribe are you?

In these fractious and uncertain times, it’s no surprise we’re growing increasingly tribal in our nature. As Britain struggles with a major identity crisis, people are turning to the security of like-minded groups to comfort their troubled post-Brexit/post-Trump souls.

The tribal factor couldn’t be more evident in the rapidly expanding world of fitness. Witness the numbers flocking in their droves to join communities like Crossfit, Boom Cycle and Barry’s – and their numerous copycats. Their members seek exclusivity, and more importantly, escapism. There’s no time to ponder falling house prices or fret about the value of the pound when you’re slogging it up a virtual mountain at 130 bpm, or mastering a downward dog in forty-degree heat.

The creators of Centric: 3Tribes are looking to capitalise on the tribal zeitgeist with a high-spec underground studio which they describe as ‘a new fitness experience in Crouch End’ and ‘something more than a gym’. Bold claims in today’s fitness market – although perhaps not for this part of North London, which is crying out for a few more modern spaces to cater for its young and artsy residents.


There are three boutique specialised environments: a high intensity interval training space that goes by the name of Warrior; a state-of-the-art indoor cycling arena named Rider, and a Zen inspired, mind-body studio that focuses on lengthening, toning and strengthening. Each room represents a different need, a different experience… a different tribe.

It’s at this point we should confess that whilst you’ll usually find us raring to go when it comes to any form of HIIT, spin classes don’t really float our boats. Commuting around the mad bad roads of London will do that to you. Two wheels are a mode of transportation, not a fun indoor pursuit. So whilst we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to whoop along to the tracks with the other seasoned spinners, we did manage to crack a smile to the steady beats of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, as we crested the final ‘hill’ of our pursuit… only for the instructor to issue a gleeful reminder that the end of the track was about to hit a much faster tempo than the start. LOL :-I


On our visit, all three classes delivered on their promises. It was a well-executed transition from treadmill to gym floor to spin bike to yoga mat… by which point we were practically crawling into the hyper-cooled Zen room, sweat steaming off our backs. We finished our visit propped up at the in-house juice bar, which serves up an array of smoothies & shakes to weary tribespeople in need of refreshment.

Centric: 3Tribes lauds itself as a revolutionary new concept in fitness. If you’re tired of ticking off your weekly fitness routine or feel bad paying for a gym membership you don’t use, this may be the place for you.

Class packages range from a pay-per-class rate to an unlimited annual pass, which also gets you access to the sister studio, Yogacentric. See the website for current intro offers.

Picture Credits: Centric: 3Tribes

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