MoRunning Battersea Park 5k

It’s not often we do a 5k these days. Not that we don’t like them, it’s actually one of our favourite distances. The problem is that when you travel around doing races a lot, a 5k seems like a very short amount of time to justify a journey. Which is a shame. 5ks are a really interesting distance. Perfect for newbies or people who want a shorter distance, but also really, really tough if you’re trying to get a fast time. Seriously, pacing a fast 5k is ridiculously hard.

Anyway, our drought of 5ks was put to an end when we were invited along to take part in the Battersea MoRunners 5k. A race series that, as you’re probably aware, aims to support the now massively popular Movember charity campaign which focuses on male health issues. If you haven’t heard of it, or want to know more about it, read about the amazing work the Movember Foundation do here.


We’ve run a hell of a lot of races over at Battersea Park. We love it there in fact. As parks go it’s an absolute blinder. It’s got everything from an athletics track, a little lake and a Go Ape climbing centre to a massive pagoda and a children’s zoo. It’s ruddy lovely. It’s also really flat. So not only do you get loads of things to look at when you run, you also don’t have to worry about hills. Grade-A running spot if you ask us.

The race itself is a course we’ve done a few times. A 2.5k loop from the central bandstand around the northern half of the park. Simple, wide, picturesque and, as we said before, ruddy flat. Now, we’re not normally fans of a lapped race, but 5k is a pretty manageable distance if we must, it also makes it easier to pace.


The event is hosted by the team over at Fix Events, a company who put a fair whack of races on, mainly around the London and South areas. We’ve done a few of them and they’ve always been very well organised. The Battersea 5k was no exception, with a very nicely planned out event area dotted around the bandstand. They even set up a nice little fenced running route through the central area which meant for a nice funnel of cheering as you’re greeted by the crowds on the final sprint (if you could sprint by the end, we were barely holding on).

With around 600 runners, the race was a perfect size, meaning that as the crowds evened out, there was a lot of space to enjoy the course. We also managed to break our PBs by a fair old whack (Lee: 18.56, Tom 19:08… well done Lee). So all in all we were pretty much ecstatic.


The MoRunning events take place across the country throughout November. To find out which are left, or to start planning for next year, head over to the website here.

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