Finisterre – Common Ground

You’re probably already aware how much we’re obsessed with cold water surf company Finisterre. They make some of most beautiful outdoorsy items we’ve ever come across. A perfect mix of functional and aesthetic design built for people who do really cool stuff in really cold seas.

But a brand is significantly lessened if it doesn’t have a voice and an ethos behind it. You know, that sense of purpose that comes from bringing  a product to life through stories and characters; making it more than the sum of its output. That sort of thing.

Finisterre has always taken its story seriously. Creating an ongoing narrative about the people involved in every part of the brand. Its ambassadors are part of the lifeblood that make that story so compelling; a unique group of sea lovers whose vision and outlooks are shared throughout the Finisterre ideology.

Last year, ten years after the ambassador programme was formed, film maker Luke Pilbeam headed to north-west island along with the ambassadors. It’s here that the group met up to talk about their shared love of the water and what it means to them. The film that came out of it was called Common Ground. It’s ruddy good as well in fact. Just take a look for yourself.

To read more about the Finisterre ambassadors, the film and to check out the phenomenal range of clothes, head over to the website here.

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