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Who doesn’t want to punch something on a Tuesday? You’re tired, everything you didn’t do on Monday is hanging over you, it’s still ages away from the weekend and…Wow, you really just hate everyone and everything right now, don’t you? Luckily, your other halves can breathe a sigh of relief as 1Rebel’s RUMBLE class has got it covered.

I’ve been to a few boxing classes in my time, but found them too intimate. You spar with a stranger, who may or may not be at the same level as you, and there’s someone pulling you up on your technique every five minutes. I’m quite small and I just want to work up a sweat and burn off some calories – I’ve accepted I’m never going to win a title, so those kind of classes don’t appeal. I just want to have a bit of fun and hit things with no consequences. So this class was a welcome relief.

At £20 for 45 minutes, it’s not cheap, but that’s pretty average for London and the studio and facilities are really worth it – there are heated seats in the changing rooms and a SMEG fridge full of cool towels, so it’s basically better than my own house. You do have to pay extra for wraps (£3, but you can take them home) and gloves (£1 for the session only) so prepare yourself for that. The studio itself is a dark round room with about 40 punch bags hanging from the ceiling and the instructor positioned in the middle, an unusual set up but it absolutely works.

My class was a mix of both men and women all looking pretty pumped up. The music was blaring, the disco lights were flashing and we were all ready to RUUUMMMB…No, I’m not going to say it.

To anyone thinking this all sounds a bit gimmicky, you’re mistaken. It’s a hard-core high intensity workout and you will have aching limbs and blistered hands the following day to prove it. Yes, each round starts and ends with a bell, but we all love a bit of theatre, right? There are no rest breaks at all (unless you include jumping jacks and skipping on the spot) and all rounds consist of floor work followed by jabs, cross and punching combos. By floor work I’m talking squats, lunges, bunny hops, planks, burpees, leg raises, sit-ups, push ups, mountain climbers, high knees – I’m tired just thinking about it again now.

The instructor was fantastic, giving help where needed and really pushing everyone to their limit. He also advised on technique throughout, but because he was just demonstrating in the middle I didn’t feel nervous about getting it spot on. I actually realised that I’ve had a terrible right hook all this time and “it’s all in the movement of the hips!” –  as he kept shouting. Frankly, I was just feebly side slapping the bag before, now I know how to really give it some.

Overall I would say this is a perfect class to go to for results and I guess that’s what you pay for. It’s well-structured and motivating with a great atmosphere, brilliant music and most importantly the 45 minutes fly by in a flash. It’s like being at a really energetic club and getting in a really long fight. But I wasn’t drunk and nobody called the police. Everyone’s a winner.

Daily sessions at 1Rebel Broadgate, £20 per session but packages are available. To find out more click here.

Picture Credits: 1Rebel

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