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Any class that opens with the line, “I had to suffer to come up with this class. Now it’s your turn”, is a class worth going to in my book. But going isn’t the issue – leaving is.  Hobbling up the stairs drenched in sweat, with barely enough energy left to haul my bag onto my back, I was left wondering how many times that guy practised his routine to get it so spot on and whether or not he’s even human?

Mob45 is the latest boot camp-style gym in town, located next to Farringdon station (where Gymbox used to be). Having opened in February it’s still in its launch phase so in case you’ve walked past it (like I did many times) and wondered what kind of craziness is going on deep underground, stop wondering and get yourself in there.

Promoting itself as ‘a brand new kind of gym’ with super concentrated workouts all lasting (you guessed it) 45 minutes – there are seven core classes. The overall aim is to make you work smarter not harder, making every move count (forget your average planks and press ups – in fact, forget water breaks as well) and from spin, HIIT and Dance to conditioning and yoga there really is something for everyone.

The gym itself has been revamped, but the layout is still very similar to Gymbox. The studios themselves have that nice new feel about them – cool, clean and dimly lit with coloured lighting that almost makes you forget you’re there to jump around until you feel physically sick. I’ve been to so many circuits and boot camp classes advertised as being HIIT only to leave disappointed, but this one was refreshingly different and by far the most organised I’ve been to. There are several perfectly timed rounds of four exercises repeated twice, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, then 40 seconds on, 10 off. This was mountain climbers combined with press ups, lateral burpees over a box, extensive use of rubber bands and, at one point, literally crawling on all fours without your knees touching the ground…

I won’t lie, it was really hard.

When I heard ‘Congratulations, you’ve just done three and a half minutes of exercise’ I wanted to drag my clammy self straight on out of there.

Each class has one trainer and one trainer only. George runs the HIIT class and was brilliant. He came up with the class himself, tested it out and is the only teacher. From what I understand all classes are designed and operated like this. That was a real bonus as every move was decided on with precision and put together to make our arms shake and muscles burn. He was instructive without being forceful and, dare I say it, I had fun. It’s refreshing to go to a class and get shown exercises you’ve never done before, it gives you something to take away and also makes you want to go back.

After 45 mins I was exhausted but had a strange urge for more. I can’t wait to try the other classes on offer because if they’re all as good as that then I can see real results in my grasp. The gym is quiet at the moment as they are still relatively new, but I would definitely recommend getting in there fast while membership rates are low. Oh, and I apologise for the lack of images in the article, you’ll just have to take my word for it all. NO WAY was anybody coming near me with a camera looking like that.

Launch phase memberships are £49.00 to £67.00 a month. Standard membership after this period range from £68.00 to £89.00 a month, including the state of the art gym facilities and all classes. To find out more click here.

Picture Credits: Mob45

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