Pacsafe Slingsafe LX300

Getting something stolen from your bag is pretty damn upsetting. Trust us, about a year ago we had a new Macbook Air slipped out of a bag on the way home from work. We have no idea when or how they did it, but we didn’t notice it happening. Now we walk around constantly checking to make sure the new one is still in there.

Yeah, you can try to leave your laptop at home, but it’s a laptop, you need to be able to take it around with you, otherwise what’s the point? When you live in a big city like London, theft is pretty commonplace, and there are people around you all the time, thousands of them. Keeping an eye on your stuff can be pretty tough, and even the most alert person can be caught out.

As a result of our Mac getting nicked we decided to invest in a new bag (as well as upping the insurance on it). We ended up looking around the shops for something that felt secure. They still didn’t feel great though. There’s a few good ones out there. Some where the back opens from behind the straps so people can’t get in when you’re wearing it. Still pointless if you take it off for a minute or two though. Others where the valuables pockets are hidden deep within. Not bad, but they still feel accessible.

Rather luckily the crew over at Pacsafe sent us one of their Slingsafe backpacks to try out. We’d never actually heard of them before, but the fact their range of products are sold as anti-theft devices sounded like we’d found what we were looking for.

The extensive range on the website cover everything from hiking backpacks and luggage, to camera cases and wallets; all designed to offer protection against theft. Using a combination of special zip clips, strap locks and a rather impressive RFIDsafe blocking technology which stops thieves scanning stuff like cashcards and passports whilst they’re in your bag, the bags are meant to be pretty damn secure.

The Slingsafe looks like your average fashionable day rucksack. Ruddy handsome looking in fact. We opted for the denim version which has nice orange zip straps and a rather tasty striped inner lining. From a purely aesthetic perspective it’s a very nice little bag. Big enough to comfortably hold a laptop in its own pocket, a gym kit and your various accessories in the front pocket.

The security features, which you’d barely notice unless you knew about them beforehand, are pretty cool. The main compartment zip has an additional clip which can be applied once the bag is closed, meaning anyone trying to open it would have to put noticeable effort into the task. The straps have a locking mechanism on the base which mean you can quickly hook them round a table or something to deter anyone hoping to snatch it and run off. Theirs also a special slashguard material across the bag, including the straps. All that as well as the previously mentioned RFIDsafe blocking technology makes for a formidable little backpack.

We’ve been using it for a while now and it’s a damn nice little day bag. If you’re the kind of person that likes to carry a lot around with you, you may need to opt for one of the larger options on the website, but it’s perfect for most uses.

For more information on the Slingsafe LX300, you can find out more on the website here. The main site is in US dollars though, so you’ll need to pick one up from somewhere like, where it’s cost you £46.20… which is a lot better than losing a grand worth of Mac. Trust us.

Note: We received tests product for this review.

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