RunThrough Crystal Palace 5/10k

As you’re probably aware by now, we do a lot of races with the guys over at RunThrough. Firstly because they just put on great events. And it’s not just courses, the price, the race admin, the free photos, the treats at the end and the medals. Sure, you need all of that, but the RunThrough events have this sort of fun community vibe that makes them seem so enjoyable. There’s also the fact that’s there’s absolutely loads of races to do. Seriously, the guys have pretty much taken over the London running scene, with new events popping up all the time. And not just in London. They’re cropping up all over the place now.

We pretty much always get excited when the guys put on a new race, but when we heard they were doing one just down the road from us we were positively ecstatic (we don’t get many races down near West Norwood). The latest addition to the RunThrough schedule takes place in Crystal Palace Park, with 5 or 10k options. In all honesty we’d never actually been into the park before, so we had no idea what to expect, but we like a bit of mystery when we do a race. Keeps things interesting.

The course was a 5k loop that twists and turns around the scenic paths are the park. If you’ve never been there before, it’s a ruddy nice place. There’s a big lake with giant Victorian dinosaur models, the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, a boating lake, loads of windy woodland paths and little play areas and cafes. The only downside is that it’s basically on a massive hill. Unlike the Greenwich race however, where you only have to tackle one massive hill (if you’ve ran it, you’ll know it pretty well), the course is a constant onslaught of undulating paths that weave up and down through the park.

Luckily for us, we like hilly, winding courses. They tend to stop you getting bored, and the sense of elation when you get to a downward slope means the whole thing is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Your sense of pride/relief when you reach the end is significantly more noticeable as well.

The race, as always, was perfectly managed. The start area, the marshals on the course, the treats at the end, the medal. The guys have got it all sorted, especially impressive considering this is the first time they’ve done the event. It was a pretty damn amazing day in terms of weather as well. Which, was a blessing and curse for most of the course, especially considering we sweat like hell in winter races.

To find out more about future races at Crystal Palace, or indeed any of the dozens of other events the RunThrough team have coming up, head over to the website here. Photos from the event are up on the RunThrough Facebook page.

Picture Credits: RunThrough

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