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We get through a hell of a lot of headphones over at The Allrounder. Normally because we buy cheap emergency ones when the last pair we had either stop working or we trap the wire in the car door. On the odd occasion when we decide to treat ourselves, we can be pretty picky though. You kind of have to be when you use them for anything from daily bus commutes to marathons. Not only do you need them to sound great, but you also need them to stay in the ears when you’re moving around, be able to handle a fair amount of moisture (yep, we mean sweat) and they can’t be uncomfortable. Try running a marathon the wire keeps hitting you in the face and the buds keep slipping out. The stuff of nightmares.

We’ve been lucky enough to test out a few of the Monster range over the last few years. As headphones go, we’ve never been disappointed. Just because they’re good, doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone though. We’ve never been a fan of over the ear headphones. We prefer to travel as light as possible. They’re pretty difficult to run in as well.

The iSport Intensity are designed for people like us. Small, lightweight in-ear headphones made to be used across a multitude of different activities. They’re also wireless, which is something we haven’t used a great deal of in the past when it comes to in-ear models. Largely because the market is much smaller for wireless options, meaning your options are significantly limited, especially where price is concerned.

So where do we start? Well, we’ve been using the Intensity headphones for a few weeks now and we’re really liking them. Firstly, once you find the right sized ear piece, they fit perfectly snugly into the ear with a little loop of plastic. So much so that you need to give them a little yank to get them out. Secondly, the battery is really good. We’ve been charging them every two or three days and they’ve been fine with a couple of hours commuting and some usage throughout the day. The last pair of bluetooth ones we had basically had to be plugged in whenever they weren’t in use.

The sound is really good, although unlike noise isolation earphones, a level of external noise does come through. The reasoning behind this is presumably for safety, which is pretty useful when you live in a city. If you’re adamant on having complete noise isolation then these probably aren’t the Monster product for you.

In terms of size and weight for running, the iSport Intensity are spot on. The weightier controls on the wire sit opposite a secondary block (probably the battery), which help to balance out the headphones as you’re running. Some we’ve used have one main block which swings around as you run.

The bluetooth is also really easy to connect and we haven’t found any issues with trying to set up the system. Using an android it automatically connects when you turn the phone bluetooth on.

For a detailed overview of the specifications, head over to the Monster website here. The iSport Intensity will set you back about £70 on Amazon.

Note: We received tests product for this review.

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