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BXR, as the clever phonetic name might suggest, is a gym focused largely on boxing. Which is not surprising when you find out that it’s backed by Anthony Joshua. Unlike most gyms however, BXR have launched a boutique studio at the same location as the main space. Meaning you don’t have to actually join the gym itself to head down for the classes. Which is good for all us people who like trying out classes all around the city.

The concept is relatively simple. Studio classes where the aim is not just to leave people in a sweaty mess at the end of the session, but to actually help with strength and conditioning, skills and cardio fitness for athletic training. Because athletes don’t just repeatedly play their sport to get better, they have to train in other ways as well.

The session we went to was a strength and conditioning HIIT class in one hell of a ruddy nice workout space. Kitted out with pretty much anything you can think of from TRX, to frames and kettlebells, it’s a facility designed for variety. The trainer – a sort of tough, no-nonsense, jokey Bond Villain – had us do a fairly rigorous warm-up covering various elements of cardio, mobility and muscular preparation. A very efficient warm-up in fact, that had us quickly carrying out quite a lot of exercises before starting the main workout.

In groups of four we were placed on different exercise stations around the room. These covered plyometric press-ups, box jumps, box steps holding a medicine ball (killer!), walkouts with push-ups and a climbing machine that seemed to have been sourced from the depth of hell. The workout was split into two halves, with the circuit exercises being changes halfway.

Yeah, it was relentless and some of the exercises were really tough. We’d never tried box steps with a medicine ball before, and man they’re hard. The whole studio is set out so that the exercises are carried out around the outer walls, so the trainer could wander round the centre watching/shouting at everyone to make sure the movements were being carried out correctly.

At £30 for a 45-minute session, it’s one of the more expensive studios out there. But like with many of the pricier boutique studios, you’re paying for a really nice experience. The whole facility is beautifully designed down to the really impressive changing rooms and showers. So if you want a good session as well as a bit of comfort, it’s a nice option, if you’re willing to pay for it.

There’s an introductory offer of two sessions for £30, so you can go and see for yourself without worrying about the cost. If you’re a member of the gym, classes cost £15 each.

To find out more about Sweat by BXR, head over to the website here.

Picture Credits: Sweat by BXR

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