Optimum Nutrition Breakfast Range

Breakfast, most important meal of the day, as your Gran probably tells you. Now, we’re not going to to say that’s true for everyone, probably depends on what sort of thing you get up to. For us fitness types it’s probably a safe bet though. You’ve been asleep for the best part of eight hours, your energy stores are down, you’ve run out of protein and you got some pretty heavy training coming up in the next few hours. Yep, you need a good breakfast to make sure all that effort doesn’t go to waste.

Now, in an ideal world we’d all get up, spend an hour or two reading the papers, putting the washing on, making the bed and preparing a slap up breakfast covering all your dietary needs. Can you remember the last time you did that when it wasn’t a weekend? No, nor can we. That’s why us busy people need to improvise. You know, so you’re not an hour late for that meeting you’re being made to go to.

Optimum Nutrition’s latest range of breakfast products is designed to make life a little bit easier. Ridiculously easier in fact. To the point where you can make yourself a sweet little breakfast without even breaking a sweat (technically, if you break a sweat during breakfast you may want to take a look into that, or turn down your heating).

The range covers four products: flapjacks (£19.99 for 12), pro-oats (£29.99 for 1.4kg), protein pancake mix (£29.99 for 1kg) and protein yoghurt smoothie (£29.99 for 700g). Which, as breakfasts go, covers a big chunk of what you might be looking for. The big sweet spot here though is the fact that you need pretty much zero preparation. For the oats you just need boiling water, the smoothie just water and the pancakes, well, you do need a frying pan for those, but other than that you just need to add water.

Each serving from the lot comes in at 20 grams of protein, which makes life easy, and they also taste pretty damn good in fact. Sure, we’re not saying they’re going to beat a full english at Bill’s, but as quick, protein-rich, healthy breakfasts go, you can’t really go wrong. If we were pushed we’d go for the pancakes as a favourite, the only issue with those though is that you can’t really do them at work. So we’ll probably save those for weekend treats, or dessert, or both maybe.

To find out more or to just order a load, head over to the website here.

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