RunThrough Finsbury Park 10k

After a couple of years trying to make our way through the gargantuan selection of races put on by the crew over at RunThrough, we’ve still got a shedload more to do. This weekend we managed to tick off the Finsbury Park 5k/10k from the list though, the only problem is they seem to be launching more than we can keep up with. Nice to have a to do list to keep you busy though.

Because it’s Halloween, and the fact that everyone in the UK seems to have completely adopted the day as an actual thing and not just something Americans do, it was a themed run. Which meant people dressing up, horror-style music, cobwebs and a load of sweets at the end (no issues there). If we’re being completely honest the only reason we’re not massively into Halloween stems from the fact that a) we’re too lazy to dress up and b) we’re scared of horror films. The only saving grace is the fact that Stranger Things 2 is out if you ask us.

Everyone else seems to enjoy it though, so you may as well ignore us, and we’re not reviewing tenuous American holidays, we’re reviewing running races. Something we’re a bit more positive about.

So, anyway, about that race. Finsbury Park is one of those locations in London we’ve only been a couple of times. We know what it looks like, we know where it is, but we had no idea what it was like to run there. The course was a four lap route covering a large part of the park (two if you’re doing the 5k). As London parks go, it’s a nice little place with lots of windy paths things to do, and a couple of hills. A couple of hills that by the third lap, seem a lot bigger than they probably are.

At Greenwich Park the hill is a beast; one big climb that you dread for the majority of the race. In Finsbury Park the hills are more subtle. They don’t tower up into the distance in front of you but instead just cause you a consistent amount of discomfort to the point where your legs get pretty damn tired. But as we always say with hills, mentally they actually help you run a race because they mean you have something to look forward to (the bit going down). A steady flat race for ten minutes may be easier, but man is it boring.

The fact that the clocks had just gone back was a major treat for the day. Probably the best day of the year to do a race in fact as you end up getting extra sleep and getting home nice and early. Weather wise it was pretty chilly stood around before the start, probably the first race we’ve done for the past few weeks where it actually seemed like winter was coming. After a couple of kilometres though, with sweat pouring out, you suddenly realise it’s much nicer running in the cold.

As is always the case with RunThrough events, the race was perfectly organised. Registration, warm-up, toilets, water, snacks and the famous RunThrough medals can’t be faulted. And as always the whole thing seems more like a community than your average London event designed to make money. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a member of the RunThrough team not smiling and laughing.

The other big plus point about the RunThrough events is that they’re never massively oversubscribed. Which means that unlike some of the larger races in London where you end up walking at some points due to bottlenecking, or you have faster runners behind you getting moody because they can’t get past, there’s plenty of space to move around. It makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere.

For more information on upcoming events, including Finsbury Park races, head over to the website here. They’ve just launched their 2018 season pass which gives you over 45 races for a one-off fee of £250. Which works out ridiculously cheap if you run as many races as we do. A ruddy bargain in fact.

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