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Hell of a lot of fitness classes to try in London these days, some really good, some not quite so impressive. But what actually makes a class good? The planning, the difficulty, the music? Over at The Allrounder we’re suckers for classes that really push us to the limit. Mainly because if nobody makes us train hard, we can be a bit lazy.

They still need to be well planned though. There’s no point in training to exhaustion if that’s the main goal of the workout. That’s just going to waste your energy or give you injuries.

The crew over at Mr Hyde Fitness have done the admin work for you by choosing five of the toughest workouts in London and offering you the chance to try them for free between November 13th and 17th. All you need to do is apply on the website here and wait to see if they pick you.

There’s some damn nice studios to choose from as well, including our favourite London workout spot, The Foundry as well as the ridiculous new VersaClimber class from BXR.

By entering you’ll also receive their weekly fitness email as well.

Picture Credits: The Foundry, BXR

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