KEEN Terradora Waterproof

As a lady hiker, it’s almost impossible to find a good quality pair of boots which don’t come in khaki or dirt brown, especially ones that don’t make your legs look like golf clubs when you wear them with leggings or shorts.

Well, luckily KEEN footwear have launched their Terradora range, designed for the fashion (and comfort) conscious. I’ve taken a pair of the Terradora leather mid waterproof out on a fair few walks over the past few weeks, to see if the hold up to how good they sound from the website.

Before I talk about some of the key features, it’s important to note that I actually had a decent range of colours and styles to choose from. I went for the purple boot style leather pair and wore them with skinny jeans so I could go to the pub afterwards without having to change my shoes. Generally a necessity with any walking trip. The narrow boot fit meant they didn’t look like your typical hiking boot, and I actually quite liked wearing them as I wandered through central London on my way home.

Normally, the impact of walking up or downhill causes me some issues in new shoes, but the cushioning in the Terradoras feels pretty thick, meaning my toes didn’t feel crushed, even after downhill on some pretty steep descents. They also seem extremely light for a hiking boot, which makes them a nice choice for sticking in a backpack and taking away with you.

The rubber outsole has multi-directional grips which provide a fair bit of stability, notably when clambering up a fairly wet hill in the South Downs, and the waterproof KEEN.Dry technology actually worked perfectly the last couple of times I’ve been rained on. Just make sure you get some equally waterproof trousers though, I got home with dry socks but the rest of me soaked.

The narrow fit meant my feet felt snug, so super thick socks weren’t an option and could cause an issue for colder climates, so I’d recommend getting a half-size bigger than your normal size for extra sock room.

After wearing them a few times I’m extremely happy with how they’re performing. A consistent level of comfort, dry socks and they just generally look like a damn nice pair of boots. If you’re looking for a hard-wearing shoe that’ll hold up against the inevitable British weather, you’d be hard pressed to find something as good for the price.

For more on the KEEN women’s range, head to their website. Prices for the KEEN Terradora range start at £105, with eight different colours to choose from. The featured boots are the Terradora leather mid waterproof in wine/rhododendron priced at £119.99.

Note: We received tests product for this review.

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