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If you’re a fan of fitness and you live in London, the chances are you’ve heard of UN1T; the group training studio that’s seen more than its fair share of popularity over the last couple of years. With its original site over at London bridge, the concept is relatively simple: strength, cardio and mobility training where the class works together to complete the goals.

Now, we’ve tried our fair share of classes over at The Allrounder over the years, and we’re pretty sure UN1T has one of the nicest kitted out ones you’re likely to find. The massive studio is rammed full of every sort bit of kit you could ever want to use, from staple stuff like kettlebells and slam balls, to assault bikes, ski ergs and a pretty damn long prowler run. They also have handy screens up on the wall listing out the exercises so that in the maelstrom of sweat, you don’t forget what you’re meant to be doing.

The class we nipped down to was the accurately named trooper class. Well, if it was more accurate we’d call it the “absolutely ridiculous amount of exercise” class, but we’re not sure that has the same ring to it. The general gist is that people are paired up before working their way round a series of exercises. Instead of a timer, the duration of the exercises are based on the length of time it takes a pair to run up and down the prowler run four times. If their slow, you’ll be stuck on whatever exercise you’re doing for longer. So it gives you a bit of motivation to get a wriggle on, you know, when everyone in the class is staring at you with a look of hatred in their sweat-drenched eyes.

The exercises range from all out 45-second sprints on cardio machines to strength based weight movements, with a few things like burpees and box jumps thrown in. Believe us, it’s a tough one. Not only do you have three personal trainers running around you to make sure you’re not slacking off, you also have to keep going round all the exercises until the 45-minutes are up, with 15 seconds break between each one and a treat of one minute after each round. Yeah, it’s relentless.

As workouts go, it’s a damn good one though. If it’s your only form of exercise then you’ll end up getting a rather nice all round workout ticking off pretty much every body part. It’s also pretty much impossible to slack of as well, so you’ll end up pushing yourself a lot more than you would in a lot of classes out there. We’re reliably informed they switch up the exercises as well, so don’t think you’ll get used to them.

An individual class at UN1T will cost you £20, with various larger bundles available at a discount. You can also get unlimited monthly classes for £220. At the moment there’s an offer on where you can trial it for 7 days for just £20. There’s a host of other classes available as well. So have a look at the website here.

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