Adidas Utlraboost Laceless

The first time we heard about adidas boost, probably about four years ago, we were immediately sceptical about the technology. It sounded like your standard marketing campaign for what was probably the same shoe they’d been selling for years. It wasn’t. four years later and about 200 races, we’re still using them for anything from 5k training runs to marathons. Our number one running shoe, and you can quote us on that.

Laceless running shoes though. That doesn’t sound right. Still, we thought we’d give them a go. We’ve been proven wrong before by the adidas lot.

On first impressions the Ultraboost Laceless look rather nice. Simple, subtle and a little bit like slippers. Cool slippers though. Aside from the fairly obvious elasticated upper, aptly called SOCKFIT, there’s also a fair bit of padding around the ankle area of the trainer. Our guess is to add more support, but to be honest it seems more for aesthetic purposes.

Since they’re elasticated we had thought they may be a bit tricky to get on, but they pretty much just slip on straight away, and once they’re on they feel secure. Which is what we were initially worried about.

Now, we’ve been using them for the last few weeks in various situations. As lifestyle shoes they’re an absolute joy. Probably the comfiest trainers we’ve ever actually worn in a non fitness setting. Seriously, it feels like you’re walking to work in bouncy slippers. Look pretty nice with jeans as well.

For gym they work just as well, with the perfect amount of support for jumping on a treadmill or stepping off to do some weights. Saves you carrying two pairs of shoes around with you and even after a few weeks there’s no sign of them becoming more loose with continued wear.

If it’s a running shoe you’re after though, for anything other than a treadmill or some light training runs, these aren’t the ones. Tightness of shoes is a big thing with longer distance running, it can have a massive effect on PBs, blisters, injuries and a load of other stuff. So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal to get right. On the flipside though, you don’t want to wear your distance running shoes to the gym, so the Ultraboost Laceless are your perfect training shoe.

So, overall we’re massive fans of the Laceless. They’re an excellent option for the kind of midway between relaxing and running. The ultimate shoe for the kind of person who heads out the house on a saturday to go to the gym, go for a long walk then nip out for a few drinks with friends. Us basically.

The adidas Ultraboost Laceless will set you back £159.95 and come in a range of colours. Find out more on the website here.

Picture credits: adidas

Note: We received tests product for this review.

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