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There’s no shortage of fitness apps available on the various app stores these days. It’s very rare, in fact, that a week goes by when I don’t get sent an email about one. Most are generally pretty good ideas, but the problem with apps in general just seems to be that there’s so many of them. Creating one that does something actually marketable is very rare indeed.

Esquared has fallen into my field of interest largely because I’m on a bit of a health kick after Christmas and I joined a gym that doesn’t actually do classes. I’m pretty lame when it comes to doing any cardio save for running, so I thought I’d see if the app would mean I could easily fit in the odd HIIT class or two in order to keep me focused on training.

So what is it?

Much like ClassPass or MoveGB, Esq2 is designed to allow users to book classes at gyms across London relatively easily. Not only that but you can also book in to access gym floors, usually at a much cheaper price than heading to a class.

What kind of things can you book?

There a fair old whack of places across London ranging from studios offering classes, like Digme, Project Fit and Best’s Bootcamp, to chains like YMCA and Soho and smaller independent gyms. A detailed search on the map will bring up a host of places you probably already know, to a load that you’ve never heard about. They also cover swimming pools, park workouts and a bunch of other stuff.

How does it work?

Pretty simple really, you log in, fill in your details and then it just searches the sorrounding area for any companies that are registered with gym/ class availability for the day you specify. You can filter based on type of fitness you want and roll around the map to look at other central London locations. It’ll tell you the price of the class on the map along with the available time slots. Click on it see details of the session before confirming and making a payment with your credits.

How much does it cost?

Prices range massively from about £5 to use a gym floor at somewhere you’ve never heard of to £50 for some super nice leisure centre in Kensington. Classes are generally about the same price as you’d expect from the more well-known brands like Digme (£15) or Best’s (from £17) with the independent places you haven’t heard of coming in at less.

Does it work?

Yep, works pretty well in fact. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks now and done classes at Digme and Best’s Bootcamp with minimal issues. Just booked on the app and turned up on the day. You may need to register on the website for some of the classes, presumably for administrative reasons. I have noticed a few problems with the class availability numbers on the app not matching up with the studio (I received an email a couple of hours after booking from the studio saying that the class was full), however these were cleared up pretty easily. I’ve also received a couple of codes for free classes during the first two weeks of using it, no idea if these will continue to be a thing, but it would be very nice if they were.

I’ve found two major plus points with using the app. The first is the fact that you can fit your fitness around your other plans. An example being one Saturday when I was visiting a few mates. I had a 10k race in the morning and needed to have a shower afterwards before meeting them. Instead of heading all the way back home and not having enough time to head to the gym (I told you, major fitness month), I just searched for a place close by, booked in a £5 gym floor session and nipped by for a workout and a shower. Lovely stuff.

The other positive is that if you’re the kind of person that wants to use a gym once or twice a week, maybe if you do sports or spend a lot of time running, you can effectively pay hardly anything for access to some pretty good locations. £5 a week is rather damn sweet considering a 45-minute class at a lot of studios will set you back over £20 nowadays.

To sign up to the service, you can download the app from the website here.

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