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We try our fair share of gyms and studios over at The Allrounder. Some are good, some are okay, and some are frankly about as effective as a Zsa Zsa Gabor workout video (yep, seriously that exists). We’ve been heading down to The Fitting Rooms for a while now and thankfully it fits firmly into the first category. An independent workout space focusing on small group training (a maximum of four) and 1 on 1 PT sessions at London Bridge. With workouts and programmes tailored towards the differing needs of the clients that use it, from beginner to the pretty damn tough “Lean Muscle” program, it has options for pretty much anyone.

We’re basically big fans of the place, not least because we’ve been upping our weights on a weekly basis as a result. The fact that you have to be part of a session to be in the gym also means that you’re never waiting for some bloke to do his ninth set of bad form squats in between bouts of WhatsApping. So, when we find a place we like, we want to know more, especially when it’s run by a ruddy nice bunch of people. So we grabbed co-founder, David to find out how they set it up and what their thoughts are on fitness.

What were you both up to before you set up The Fitting Rooms?

David: I was a freelance trainer working out of Fitness First and had been for 6 years. Steve was also a freelance trainer working out of Fitness First, however alongside this was also working as a Senior Management Accountant at a Market Research Agency. Yasmin was working with me at Fitness First as a freelancer having made a career change from Marketing.

What’s different about the training sessions at the Fitting Rooms?

Meticulous detail to every single session and programme. The one on one and shared personal training that we offer is taught in such depth that we are forever having people tell us they’ve learnt more in their first month than they have in a lifetime of training at other places. Also our little community that is forming through our shared scheme is bringing a real social element to our sessions.

Do you offer any other services?

We include nutrition coaching with anyone who trains regularly with us. We also provide remote programming for those that aren’t lucky enough to be in the London Bridge area.

How do you select trainers? Do you look for something in particular?

Luckily as we are one of the few places that actually employ rather than contract PT’s per hour we tend to have a wide pool to pick from, so put simply we employ the very best. I do have a thing for professionalism though, I’m not into hiring meatheads.

What should people expect in an average training session?

We focus on the big compound movements, so if you’re not squatting that day you’re probably deadlifting. We work in supersets, with the first superset (the A series) being the larger technical exercises with lots of teaching and then expect two more supersets and some core at the end.

Can you sum up The Fitting Rooms in one sentence?

A haven for people who want to weight train but don’t like commercial gyms – of course always under an experts eye.

What have you got planned for the future?

To push further into online training, we already have a scattering of clients over the world, but have never pushed it seriously. We’re also currently setting ourselves up as a PT academy so soon we can start raising the standard of the industry, which is really needed. Lastly, multiple locations and probably worldwide domination.

What’s your favourite music to play during a workout?

I grew up in the 90’s so I’m a sucker for 90’s hip hop.

What would you say to people who are concerned or worried about joining a fitness programme?

Everyone’s scared at first, gyms can be intimidating places, we do our upmost not to be, but you don’t realise that until you come in. The vast majority of our clients are first timers or hate the gym so you’re not on your own by being apprehensive at first. One of the best books I read about over coming fear was Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, so I suggest that for anyone who needs some help in taking the plunge.

And finally, what’s your favourite exercise?

Without hesitation – Deadlift. No other exercise give me as much of a buzz and pretty much works the entire body.


To find out more about The Fitting Rooms and the various types of session they offer, head over to the website here.

Picture Credits: The Fitting Rooms

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