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Sunglasses: an uncharacteristically hot topic at the moment in the UK. Mainly because it appears you can buy some and actually get to wear them all the time. A pretty good reason to get rid of those McDonald’s one you still have from 1992 and actually pick up some nice ones for a change.

As ever, as we were already heading over for a beach holiday, we took the opportunity to test out some new kit. Sunglasses seemed like the logical choice.

Dragon Alliance, as you may already know, are a company focussed on eyewear for sporty, outdoor types. They’re damn good as well. We’ve been using a pair of their X2 goggles for all of our snowboard trips and we love them. We were hoping the sunglasses range would be just as good.

We tested a pair of the Baile Matte Black H2O with Polarized Smoke Lenses. A very simple but smart-looking pair of sunglasses designed in partnership with 3-time World Champion surfer Mick Fanning. So someone who probably knows a bit about the eyewear needs of people who spend a lot of time on the water.

Now, we’re not exactly big time water aficionados, but we do like to go in the sea when we’re on holiday. So having a pair of sunglasses that we can happily run about on the beach wearing without the looming fear of having to fork out £120 for a new pair, is a big plus point. Especially when your friends cotton on to the fact that your shades float, so keep taking them off your head when your distracted and lobbing them out into the waves. A fun game for all the family.

Now to the details. The Baile are a very nicely built pair of sunglasses. Made from injection molded Grilamid (some sort of transparent polyamide that is processed using thermoplastic methods… according to the internet), they’re pretty damn lightweight, but still feel like they’re built to last. The shape of the frame is a classic style, not far off a Wayfarer, but with enough design to be its own pair of shades.

The Dragon Alliance log just behind the cam hinge is a nice touch, largely because a Dragon is a cool logo to have.

We tested a pair with polarized smoke lenses, which, from an aesthetic point of view have a completely mirrored lens from the front. The polarizing element of them means that glare from the reflection on non-metalic surfaces like water or snow is reduced. A pretty big deal when you’re a surfer or a snowboarder. They’re also 100% UV protective. No need for an explanation there. the also float, exceptionally well. Thanks goodness.

Price: £164.95

Best for: Sporty outdoors people who also like looking like non sporty outdoor people when they’re sat in a pub/coffee shop

For more information on the Dragon Alliance range, nip to the website here.

Note: We received tests product for this review.

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