Red Bull Quicksand

Not going to lie, we’re fans of the occasional ridiculous race at The Allrounder, and it doesn’t get much more ridiculous than a mile long foot race across the beach at Margate with 12 massive sand dunes as obstacles.

Sand, if you’ve ever tried to run on it, is pretty hard to clamber through. 1.6 times as hard as running normally apparently. So one mile of it, along with sand climbs, is not going to be your average race. It’s probably going to be pretty painful in fact.

Not only that, but there’s also heats. So all 750 competitors actually have to run the course at least twice. Yep, it’s all sounding like a proper challenge now. It’ll test endurance, speed, strength and acceleration as people battle their way through the challenge.

The race takes place on September 1st in Margate. Tickets normally cost £30 each, but as we like you lot, and we want to see a load of you there, we’ve got a 15% discount code for you. No need to thank us.

Click here and use the code THEALLROUNDER15 to get the discount. And let us know if you’re coming, we want to see who we’re up against.

Here’s a nice video Red Bull made about it:

Picture Credits: Red Bull

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