As I’ve spent the majority of 2018 focussed on my running, it seems pretty fitting that the first HIIT-style class I’ve done in months is a one primarily based on that as well. Also means that I wasn’t quite so concerned about the fact I may be completely rubbish.

You’ve probably heard of a Another_Space, the ridiculously aesthetically pleasing studio over in Covent Garden that covers things like yoga, spin, boxing and HIIT as part of the timetable. Their second location is over at Bank and is the base for their latest class, Another_Run. I’d never been down to the new studio, I’d also never been to a running/HIIT hybrid class, so I was pretty keen on giving it a go.

What is it?

Pretty simple really. Another_Run is essentially a run club that starts from the Bank studio and does a 5k(ish) loop down to the river and back again. The run is broken up into section with two HIIT workouts and a little sprint session added in. You end up back at the studio for some stretching and you can still use the showers etc, so no need to worry about heading to the pub with a sweat on.

Who’s it for?

Well, anyone really. It’s kind of designed for people who don’t like running, since you get to stop a few times and break it up a bit, but also for people who probably prefer running to your usual HIIT class, for the same reason. You’re outdoors the whole time as well, which some people would probably say is nicer than being in a studio. Might even be a nice way to get non runners acclimatised to it a bit more, which can only be a good thing if you ask me.

How tough is it?

It’s all scalable, so if you’re a slower runner, the rest of the group will wait for you at the various stop points whilst they do the HIIT blocks. Aside from the sprints (which you can run as fast as you want), the rest of the run is designed to be done at the pace of the runners. They won’t have you passing out along the way.

Any downsides?

Central London isn’t the easiest place to run around, especially as a group. So be prepared to dodge people along the way. The class is also a kind of halfway house between running and HIIT classes, so if you want a really focused HIIT session then you’ll be disappointed, same goes for the running. If you want a good run… go for a run.

How much does it cost?

Here’s the major plus point. Whilst the usual credits come in at £20 for the normal classes, the Another_Run ones are only £10. They only happen on Mondays though, so don’t go cancelling all your other ones.

To find out more about the sessions and to book yourself in, head to the website here.

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