TOG24 Strike Jacket

Sorry people, we may be in this interim stage of hoodie/blazer weather but it won’t be long until you need to dust off that winter jacket. That’s right, rain, snow and general coldness is inevitably on the way. The latest bit of cold weather gear I’ve been testing out is the TOG24 Strike. A jacket that claims to be a 3 in 1 tour de force that “creates a versatile weather-beating solution”. Sounds pretty good.

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What exactly is it?

It’s basically two jackets that you can zip into each other. The top layer is a waterproof outer for protection against the wind and rain. The inner is a cosy quilted insulation layer to keep you warm. There’s also a load of little features including a rather formidable (and detachable) hood as well as a shed load of pockets and zips on the outer shell (five external and two inside).

What are the specs?

  • Outer Jacket: 10,000mm Waterproof, 10,000gm Breathable, Windproof
  • 3 Layer jacket, Fully taped seams, DWR Finish
  • Machine wash
  • Adjustable detachable hood
  • Waterproof centre zip

Does it work?

It does what it says on the tin. The combination of the the two jackets zipped together makes for a very warm piece of kit. I’ve been wearing the inner as a normal jacket (mid October at the point of writing this) and only used it with the outer in the rain as it’s too warm normally.

The waterproofing has successfully stood up to a few showers with no signs of issue, with the hood being more than adequate. I’ll definitely be using it for a couple of hiking trips I’ve got coming up.

I went for the small option (I’m 5’6” and well-built) and it fits very nicely. I was a bit worried the layering would make it a bit too tight, but that’s not an issue. The large selection of pockets and zips are nice as well – which seems to be a necessity for men around my age (36).

How much is it?

On sale at £150 (was £250)

Who’s it for?

I’d say it’s a middle ground jacket that fits between hardcore outdoor enthusiasts and lifestyle wearers. So if you’re the kind of person that does a bit of hiking or spends the occasional weekend in the outdoors and wants a jacket they can wear to work as well, it’s spot on. It doesn’t have the mobility you’d need for anything like climbing though.

On the website it seems that people tend to buy the jacket with ski goggles, which I hadn’t even thought about as an option. I’d love to give it a go on the slopes and see how it holds up. It definitely seems warm enough.

How does it look?

I’d say this is by far my favourite aspect of the jacket. Subtle, simple and nice enough to wear around London without looking like you’ve just been teleported from the top of Mont Blanc (you know the kind of people I’m talking about).


A damn nice jacket that’s well worth the sale price. A great all-rounder to have in the wardrobe for when you’re not sure what the day entails.

To find out more about the TOG24 Strike jacket, or to buy one, head over to the website here.

Note: We received tests product for this review.

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