Every time I’m invited to try out a yoga place I’m reminded of the last ten times I did it and proudly declared afterwards “That’s it! I’m going to make yoga a part of my training plan”. Still haven’t managed to do it though.

The same goes for drinking water. I know its good for me, I know I’ll see health benefits and I know it’s actually not that much effort to do it, but I’ve never seemed to be able to get into it. Even when there’s a glass in front of me I can’t even be bothered to drink it. Yeah I know, I’m still working on it.

Anyway, enough about my mental weakness, more about cool new yoga studios opening up in Peckham.

So what is LEVELSIX?

Been to Peckham Levels yet? Oh you must! It’s an awesome space designed from an old car park. Loads of cool bars, workspaces, restaurants and a rather cool looking mini golf course (haven’t actually tried it yet). On the top floor you’ll find the cleverly named yoga and wellness studio, LEVELSIX. A place where you can do, as you probably guessed, loads of yoga, but also receive treatments for anything from acupuncture and reiki to hypnobirthing and nutritional therapy.

It’s basically a place to go if you want to feel good, whichever method you wish to use to do that. They’ve even got a little cafe that makes rather nice, organic food and drink.

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Is it any good?

Visually and atmosphere-wise the place is really nice. The fact it’s located in the corner of the building made me assume that it was going to be a small place. It’s not, it’s massive, and it’s beautifully designed. I was pretty surprised based on the fact the place used to be a multi-story car park.

As for the sessions, well, as you’ve probably guessed I’m by no means an expert in the world of yoga, so I can only review this from the class I took part in; an hour-long event put on in aid of young person suicide prevention charity, Papyrus, from the point of view of a novice.

Now, when I run in races or take part in gym classes, I barely even give it a second thought. However, when I go to a yoga session I’m fairly self-aware. I look around a lot, I worry I’m doing stuff wrong and a lot of the time I wonder if I’m annoying people by making weird noises or holding up the class because the teacher is constantly having to tell me to move my foot back. I’ve been in yoga classes before where I actually didn’t feel welcome in the room because everyone took it so seriously, which kind of negates any positives from the session. I even got told off once for falling over.

An hour at LEVELSIX was more like a “yoga hangout”. Yeah I was crap, but I was still trying. Nobody minded. It was all very relaxed. Will , the teacher wandered around and joked or gave advice on how to do things and it actually helped. What normally seems like ten hours of holding a pose through gritted teeth actually just felt like an hour of fun.

I’m informed by my friend who’s been to some of the other classes, that they do get a lot of people who are in fact very good at yoga, so I doubt every class will have middle-aged men wincing at the back and furrowing their brow every time the teacher says Chaturanga.


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What’s a class like?

The session was a male-focused class designed to give a broad overview of the various elements that make up some of the more specific yoga formats. Some of us were pretty good, some of us, like me and Mike Sawh, were at the other end of the scale entirely.

The general gist was running through a selection of sequences for the first half of the class and then moving onto some more advanced/working in pairs elements. The first sequences I was relatively familiar with, although I’d completely forgotten all of the yoga terms (I normally spend the first fifteen minutes of a class looking around confused). The more advanced movements saw us helping each other to do hand stands.


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How much is it?

An individual class is £14, with unlimited monthly access costing £88 with a direct debit (no long-term contract). There’s absolutely loads of price options on the site though, so click here to have a read through. There’s also a £30 for two weeks unlimited – which I’m actually tempted to do. Bookings can be made rather easily using the MINDBODY app via their schedule.

Sum it up

An impressively set-up studio in south London that’s well worth a visit if you’re looking yoga, wellness treatments or just want to hang out and sit in the cafe. Oh, and a ridiculous nice bunch of staff. Current workshops also include children’s yoga and a sauerkraut workshop – which is pretty cool

If you head over, and know a lot more about yoga than me, send over an email at tom@theallrounder.co.uk letting me know how it went.

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