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Victus Soul. Sounds like some sort of weird Marvel villain. Probably one that wears a suit and has some sweet mind control powers. Definitely the kind of villain you’d actually want to be anyway. Unfortunately that character doesn’t exist (damn it, can’t stop thinking about him now), but regardless, it’s very cool name for a fitness place anyway.

Victus Soul is the latest studio to hit London’s fitness scene with the first location popping up in Aldgate. I nipped over there last week to see what it was all about and give one of their classes, HIIT and Run, a go.

What is it?

Well, it’s a fancy studio that covers two types of class. One that includes running and one that focuses on boxing. I tried out the former, a one hour session mixing strength and conditioning exercises with really intense running intervals. They also push the need for a relaxation segment within the workout, pointing out that most tough classes burn you out without allowing your body to settle down again. The name Victus Soul means nourishment of the soul (I think).

What’s the format?

If you’re a veteran to the urban fitness scene, you’ve probably done something similar at places like Barry’s Bootcamp, 1Rebel, Best’s Bootcamp or Project Fit. The session is split into six distinct workout segments, three on the treadmills and three on the floor (it may change in different classes but that’s what I did). The treadmills use speed and incline modifications to increase the effort for about five minutes, then you step over to the floor area where you perform a strength and conditioning section. The whole thing then finishes with a cool down/stretch/relaxation section.

The class I did, aside from the running, had split squats, power lunges bench press, tricep dips and a load of ab exercises (there were loads more, I was in so much pain I think I’ve blocked them out though), so it’s a pretty varied workout.

Is it any good?

As studios go it’s a nice set up. The trainer was really good, making sure that everyone was doing the exercises properly as well as pushing themselves. The format also worked really well. It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be, especially the running section – normally I find that the easy bit. I ended up dropping my speed a fair bit by the end, giving up on any attempt at my usual bravado.

If you’ve done similar classes before, you’re not going to be blown away by an inventive new concept, but if you’re in Aldgate then it’s a convenient location to get a good workout. If you’re new to HIIT and are looking for something in the area it’s a one of the better options you’ve got (presumably why they set up there).

As with any class using this format, it’s an all round workout. You’ll burn calories, you’ll build a bit of muscle and you’ll increase your cardio fitness. A good option if you want to blitz a load of benefits in one go, but not if you’re specifically training for something (it’s not going to massively help body building or preparing for a race).

How much?

£20 for one class with various packages for multiple passes. It’s £250 for a month of unlimited use. Click here for the full details.

Sum it up

London’s latest entry to the world of urban HIIT classes is a classy, impressive looking place that’s up there with the leading format providers in the city. It’s not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but judging by how well the rest are doing these days, HIIT’s still proving to be a dominant workout format for a big chunk of us.

Picture Credits: Victus Soul

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