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I have a weird love/hate relationship with spin, but until recently I hadn’t actually done a class in over a year. I know it’s ridiculously good for me and I know I’ll get a damn good workout. I just don’t enjoy it anywhere never as much as the gym or running.

Still, doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally force myself to do it for the sake of fitness of journalism though,  and I’m on a bit of a mission to try all of the spin classes in London at the moment, so I need to keep going.

Digme, being one of the fastest-growing studios in the city, seemed like a good one to tick off the list. Never heard of it? Where have you been? With five locations in London (and one in Oxford) now, Digme is becoming a fairly prominent player in the London fitness scene with some very impressive locations under its belt.

What exactly is Ride?

Well, in contrast to some of the more “fun” spin classes out there, Ride is a session mainly focused on performance. The fancy bikes (Keiser M3i’s apparently) are linked up to big screens that sit behind the instructor. You have an avatar cyclist on the screen who sits amongst ones for the other riders – if you’re going slowly, you’ll appear at the back of the group on the screen.

The visuals on the screens also update to show various performance measurements like power and speed. So you can always make sure you’re pushing yourself.

Sure, you can just go along to the class and ignore the screens whilst bobbing about to the music. I can’t keep my eyes off them though.

Is it any good?

It’s a tough session if you go for it, obviously, but there’s no major pressure to destroy yourself during it. I have been to spin classes before where you pretty much get shouted at the whole time, but Georgie, the extremely nice instructor, was more of a supportive trainer. Yes she told us to go faster, but without making us feel like we’d get told off if we didn’t.

The set-up is impressive and the room and bikes do feel like a lot of money has been spent on the experience. You also get all of your stats stored within you account, so you can have a look afterwards and review how well you’re doing against other historical rides.

Who’s it for?

Digme also has a spin class called Beat, which is focussed on the music and uses no data, and another class called Perform, which is full on endurance training. Ride sits in the middle of the two. I’d probably say it’s a good all-round class. In the one I went to there were some people really going for it, and others just enjoying themselves.

I love the data side of things so I much prefer this kind of class to one which is basically a spin dance class.

Did I enjoy it?

I did actually. It was a nice bunch of people in a well-maintained studio. Georgie was a really good spin instructor and I didn’t feel like I had to make myself cry with pain – I just wanted to burn a few calories without struggling too much.

How much is it?

Individual classes cost £20 (I went to Moorgate), with a sliding scale of bulk offers available. There’s also a monthly unlimited option for founder members costing £179. See the full list here.

Picture Credits: Digme

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