New Snowboards to buy

As soon as it gets cold we start getting jittery for some snow. Literally, once it goes lower than 10 degrees, we’re already searching the internet for cheap deals. Sad really, but we can’t help it.

It does also of course mean we start floating the idea that it might be time to buy a new snowboard. Luckily we spoke to the nice crew over at the Snowboard Asylum to find out what new boards they’ve got for us to spend some money on.

Brand: Jones
Product: Ultra Mountain Twin
Price: £525

A directional twin freestyle board that’s apparently built with speed boosting chatter sucking premium materials. Focussed heavily on float as well. We’re not too sure about that, but look how nice that picture is. Is it a wolf or a fox? Does it matter?

Brand: Jones
Product: Mind Expander Split
Price: £745

A split board, which means it basically turns into skis for travelling uphill when you’re going off piste, that has a short sidecut for quick turns in tight trees and inner and outer edge Traction Tech for enhanced edge grip on icy skintracks or firm descents.

Brand: YES.
Product: Basic Decade
Price: £575

A super steeped version of the Basic made with only the best materials, this lightweight yet powerful board was made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of YES. entering the world of Snowboards. Which can only be a good thing.

Brand: YES.
Product: Greats Uninc.
Price: £480

A board designed with the air in mind, handling jumps and riding switch like a dream. Not only that, but look at that design. That’s an owl right. AN OWL?!

Picture Credits: YES., Jones

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