Introducing The Run Testers

2020 marks the birth of a new project I’ve been working on with a like-minded bunch of journalists/runners/mates. It’s a concept we’ve been throwing around for a while now and one that I’m rather excited about.

The Run Testers is the combined work of four fitness, tech and running journalists. Myself, Kieran Alger (ManvMiles), Nick Harris-Fry and Michael Sawh. Each of us has a different focus on running from doing it for fitness and enjoyment (Me), for the love of running tech and trying out new races (Mike), getting really fast times (Nick) and taking on some of the hardest ultra events in the world (Kieran).

We all have a few key things in common though. We love running, we love testing out new kit and writing about it for some of the biggest publications in the UK and we’re all mates.

The Run Testers is the combination of all of those things pulled together in the form of handy videos covering the latest tech, running kit, shoes and races around the world.

Each week we’ll be posting videos on our YouTube channel and Instagram accounts featuring the best and worst of the running world. Whether that’s an exclusive launch of a new running shoe or the latest piece of smart tech to help you get a new PB.

Head over to the social pages to give us a follow and a subscribe to see what we’re up to. Expect honest reviews, friendly chit chat and insights from our friends in the running world.

If you want to find out more about the team and why we’re so obsessed with running, head over the website here.

Published by Tom Wheatley

All round web chap. Editor of The Allrounder and Get Sweat Go. Loves a pizza, Howard Hawks films, fitness and old British sitcoms. Not a fan of cucumbers. Level 3 Personal Trainer and massively mediocre runner. Recently launched The Run Testers video channel.

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