Video Review: 361 Degrees Feisu 2 Running Shoe

When it comes to racing shoes, the focus this year has largely been on carbon plates and new foam technology. The Feisu 2, however, is less about new features and more about taking a running shoe back to simplicity.

This is the first time I’ve tried one of 361 Degree’s faster options and the Feisu 2 is the updated version of the lightest shoe in the range.

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Everything about the Feisu 2 is focused on stripping down a shoe to deliver a lightweight ride that’s designed solely for races. It comes in at 204 grams, leaving out some of the technical features you might find in some of the brand’s weighted options.

I’ve trained in the Feisu 2 between 5k and about 15k and I’m a big fan, managing to knock one and a half minutes off my 10k PB when I pushed as hard as I could (managing 38 minutes) – so I’ve definitely felt some positive benefits from the shoe.

Aside from the obvious benefits of the weight, the Feisu 2 actually has a surprising amount of rubber on the outsole for durability, and the upper section has a fair bit of support across the heel and the midfoot.

In terms of cushioning, it’s limited, but there is a bit more than you might expect from a race shoe. Add to that the 9mm drop and you’ve got a lightweight speed shoe that makes a good option for anyone looking to invest in a fast shoe, but isn’t interested in foam and carbon plates.

Overall, I’m a big fan of the Feisu 2. It’s light, it’s fast and it looks great. For me, it’s probably a good choice for races between 5k and half marathon, but I’d definitely want something with a bit more cushioning for a full marathon.

You can see me talk about the Feisu 2 in full in the video for the Run Testers.

The Feisu 2 will cost you €119.99.

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