Video Review: New Balance Fuelcell TC Running Shoes

As you’re probably already aware, there are a fair few carbon plate running shoes being released in 2020. Some, however, are more eagerly anticipated than others. Of those that are exciting the running community, the Fuelcell TC are pretty damn high on the list.

New Balance has had an impressive run of great shoes over the past couple of years. Shoes like the Fresh Foam 1080v10 and the Rebel have become staples of my shoe collection and the brand is clearly putting some major effort into technical features as well as aesthetics.

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I’ve know about the new carbon plate shoes for a while now, having the opportunity to see a prototype model a while back. Since then I’ve been desperately waiting to get my hands on the first release: The Fuelcell TC.

Comparisons with the Nike Vaporfly range are inevitably, but just because a shoe has a carbon plate doesn’t mean it’s designed for the same purpose. The Fuelcell is the first shoe I’ve seen to really make that point clear, taking carbon plate technology and applying it to a more general use shoe that delivers for both racing and training.

To say I’m a big fan of the shoe is an understatement, it is in fact probably my favourite shoe of the last couple of years and definitely my favourite of 2020 so far.

For training runs it delivers a comfy ride that is so full of energy with each step that each trip out is an absolute joy. For speed, it’s no slouch either. It’s not as light or as fast as the Vaporfly Next%, but it isn’t meant to be. It’s an all-round shoe that can be used for training or racing, which, for most of us runners, is exactly what we need. If you’re just looking fr a race shoe then the Fuelcell RC should be hitting stores at some point in the near future (hopefully).

It’s a shoe that you can wear for pretty much any sort of running and get the benefits of high performance features, without the fear that you’re significantly diminishing it’s life span with every step – I wouldn’t ever take my Vaporfly Next% out for anything other than a race.

Here, myself and Nick run through our thoughts after testing the FuelCell TC over a few weeks.

If you have any questions or thoughts, leave us a message.

Price: £180

Weight: 264 grams

Drop: 8mm

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