Video Review: Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate Running Shoes

When it comes to the best running shoes, Salomon is a brand you probably associate more with trails than hitting the pavements. It does, however, have a handful of road shoes designed for a range of different runners, including the Sonic 3 Accelerate.

I’ve never tested a Salomon road shoe before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the Sonic 3 Accelerate. It’s a shoe that sits within the Sonic 3 collection of shoes and takes on the role of lightweight racer.

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At 223 grams (for men in a size 8), it’s not the lightest shoe out there but it clearly sits within the speed shoe block of shoes. There’s a bit more to the Accelerate than just lean speed though.

As well as a fairly creative upper design built to add an extra level of support and cushioning around the heel section, the main feature of the shoe is a special dual-layer midsole designed to minimize impact but also add a high level of responsiveness.

I’ve run over 100km in the shoe so far and I’m finding it offers a nice balance between faster tempo runs and all-out speed on race day. To hear my full review of the shoe, check out my video for The Run Testers below.

Price: £99.99

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