Video Review: Polar Grit X Outdoor Watch

Polar is perhaps best known best for being one of the leading brands when it comes to fitness tracking. The brand has been synonymous with heart rate since the 80s and as a result it has launched some of the best devices we’ve seen when it comes to running.

The Grit X is a step outside the normal product realms for Polar, offering an outdoor focussed device aimed at those users that are more likely to hit the mountains than the gym.

Along with the other three Run Testers, I’ve been doing some fairly comprehensive testing of the Grit X over the past few weeks and trying to get to grips with a host of new features that have been included in the launch.

In brief, it’s a great watch, not only for outdoors but also as a general running and fitness watch. There’s some great tracking and analytics features, it looks nice and it’s fairly well priced in comparison to something like the Garmin Fenix 6 range.

In this rather lengthy video, you can hear me and the team talking in detail about all of those features, along with battery life, GPS quality and a whole heap of other aspects of the watch. Any questions, let us know in the comments.

Polar Grit X price: £379

Published by Tom Wheatley

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